Characteristics of a Quality Medical Equipment Sterilizer

One of the most important machines in a hospital or dental office is the medical equipment sterilizer. This is the machine which allows equipment to be re-used on multiple patients without the fear of cross-contamination. Containing the spread of disease is always a top priority and an equipment sterilizer plays a central role in this strategy. Unfortunately, not all sterilizers are created equal which makes choosing a quality medical equipment sterilizer essential. There are four characteristics all quality sterilizers share.

The most important characteristic is a user-friendly design. When sterilizers fail, it is normally due to user error rather than a design miscue. There are two ways a sterilizer should be user-friendly. The first is machine operation. An easy to use user interface makes all the difference. The best sterilizers have 3 basic settings that can be modified based on what task it is trying to accomplish. They are a test mode, user mode, and maintenance mode. The chamber also plays a key role in usability. A free contact chamber allows users to put more medical equipment in each load without risking a decrease in efficacy.

Another important characteristic is versatility. A quality sterilizer can effectively sanitize a broad range of instruments. This is accomplished by removing the need for specific facility such as vent and water supply lines. Additionally, removing aeration time of the sterilization process allows for both immediate use and packaged storage. A recent breakthrough in sterilization is the low temperature plasma sterilization technology. This approach is gentler on rigid scopes which reduce the risk of damaging scopes and other delicate medical equipment. As an added benefit, reducing damage to equipment increases the long-term cost-savings a quality sterilizer can provide.

The speed or cycling time of a medical equipment sterilizer is essential to consider as well. Shorter sterilization cycle times are the only way to improve device turnaround time. Quality sterilizers offer a cycle time of 21 minutes for standard cycles and 38 minutes for advanced cycles. Quick turnaround times reduce the amount of inventory a hospital or medical facility must keep. This can significantly relieve the financial burden of a hospital.

In a plasma-based sterilizer, a strong penetration power is critical. It is what determines the overall efficacy of the sterilization process. To achieve a high penetration power, the sterilizer must effectively remove air tightness between the hose and lumen chamber.

Identifying and utilizing a quality medical equipment sterilizer provides numerous benefits to hospitals and other medical facilities. It will provide a greater long-term ROI, improve efficacy, and ensure staff can easily use the device with minimal training.


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Buying Guide for Used Treadmills

Ever wanted to buy a treadmill but can’t because of budget constraints? Well, you now have a choice of doing a great cardio workout in the convenience of your own home – other than doing endless laps around your dining table!

Almost everyone in the world knows what a cardio is; if not all. Everyone’s aware that we must engage ourselves and do it at least thrice a week to get fit. There are a lot of reasons why people can’t get themselves enrolled in a gym or perhaps have the luxury of buying their home gym equipment. Ask them and you will surely hear one common answer – they are broke.

Well, if you will buy a brand new treadmill with all the fancy adjectives and expensive high-tech features, you will surely get broke. But don’t be dismayed. For a frugal fitness enthusiast like you, there is only one solution – buy used treadmills!

This guide will walk you through on how to find those secondhand treadmills that will surely fit your taste. With all frugality please, read on.

Tip #1:

Look for a tried-and-tested brand – tried-and-tested brands are those that are in the business for a long time already. The longer they are in the business, the more reputation they have. Names like Pacemaster and Nautalis should definitely ring your rings! Even if used, treadmills under these names are surely as strong as a cow.

Tip #2:

If possible, ask the owner about the general condition of the treadmill – By asking how much pounding the treadmill already took, you will have an idea of how long can it continue to work for you before it ends up in a junk shop.

Tip #3:

Do not be a fan of vintage treadmills – even if vintage materials sounds good to acquire, don’t when it comes to fitness equipment especially used treadmills. Remember that you will run on it and not put it on display. By choosing a newer model, you will have at least a peace of mind that it won’t break right when you’re using it.

Tip #4:

Test run on it personally – run on it and feel it. When doing so, aside from making sure that it won’t break, listen and feel for anything unusual. Do I have to say more?

Tip #5:

Lay your hands on its service record – service records are basically like a report card that children hate to show to their moms. It will tell you its maintenance status, problems if any and repair frequency. If possible ask for it.

There you go! Five proven steps that you should remember when choosing from those used treadmills in the market. Never associate the word “used” with “damaged.” With adequate know-how, you might even find one that works like a brand new unit. The most important thing that you should follow is your instinct; if it doesn’t feel right then don’t buy it. So are you excited to find one so that you can stop making that cat-chase? Then head on to your secondhand store and check what’s available! Good luck in your search and stay frugal.